Assembling Nailbar Table

You will receive palette with this components.

  • three LCN Lamps
  • three top glases
  • Two seperate table tops
  • One assembled table
  • Two seperate cabinets

under the table tops are few holes,

the bigger are for dowels, and the smaller are for minifix screws (RED screws)

Take out the first drawer, then you can see the fixings for the mini fix screws, when you put the top on the cabinet, tur nhe minifix for to fix the top to cabinet

in the third cabinet is special hole for connection cable, and in the third table top is the cable inside

when you put together the top with cabinet, put the cable in the hole!!

The hole for connection cable is under the cabinet too pull out the cable!!

Then take the LCN Lamps

with prepared screws and holders, and fix them to prepared holes!

The assembling like the first table, Dowels, Minifix, connection screws, cables, Wago, ready!!

Cable out from bottom!

The last step is to put the glass on the table top,

if it is necessary, we put in the box the rubber dumpfers, you can stick them under the glass.

And that's it!